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Maine made Shaker furniture: continuing the tradition. In the United States there is one remaining active Shaker community, at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, which as of December 2017 has only two members left. The Sabbathday Lake community still accepts new recruits, as it has since its founding. This community, founded in 1782, was one of the smaller and more isolated Shaker communities during the sect's heyday. A Shaker Museum and Sunday services are open to visitors. Mother Ann Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, where people sing and dance, and a Mother Ann cake is presented.

Maine is home to some of the finest Shaker furniture made in the world. Using modern day machines and technologies, Maine furniture makers are able to reproduce Shaker furniture without compromising the original designs and joinery. As Maine furniture makers are proud to produce high quality pieces that will last for generations, consumers also realize that their purchases are not only an investment, but an extension of their personalities too. The Shaker's simple and devout way of life is a characteristic found in their furniture. The simple lines, and natural finishes accent the beautiful grains and intricate joinery. The Shakers learned early on that the dovetail joint is the strongest way possible to join two boards, and to account for the seasonal movement of the wood. Maine furniture makers are proud to carry on these traditions, and Maine Furniture is equally proud to present them to you. Shaker furniture has been part of our heritage for centuries, and as Maine furniture makers pass on their knowledge of how Shaker furniture is made, consumers pass on their heirloom pieces for generations.