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Are you in need of master furniture restoration, or furniture repair? All too often people make the wrong decision to strip and refinish a piece of furniture which may only need a thorough cleaning. Removing the original patina will greatly reduce value. Build up of wax, dust, and polish, over time, will diminish the wood grain, and warrant furniture restoration. Glue joints subjected to time and use also fail and need to be professionally repaired. Injecting glue into the joint will not fix it.  The joint needs to be professionally pulled apart and all the old glue scraped off, then re-glued. This section is dedicated to furniture restoration specialists, but any good cabinetmaker will be able to properly restore an antique piece of furniture. Furniture restorers will have the resources at hand to take on any job and are generally more knowledgeable in determining value versus cost of restoration. Furniture restoration companies and individuals will match the original finish and be able to replace broken or lost hardware with authentic reproductions. Before you reach for a can of stripper, consult these exceptional furniture restorers first.