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Maine Furniture, Maine kitchen, Kitchen cabinet installation

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The woodworkers listed here build custom kitchens and cabinets, as well as great rooms, bars, libraries, built-ins, and furniture. As with locally made furniture, a new custom kitchen is an investment, and an important factor in a home's sale value. Custom cabinets are made with far superior materials and joinery techniques which stand up to heavy stone countertops, elements, and time. If there is ever a problem with the cabinets, the cabinetmaker will be right there to fix it, and you will not get put on hold, and you will not need a receipt. Mass-produced cabinets from the big box stores use cheap particle board and very little joinery. Proper care must be taken by a qualified  kitchen installer to prevent the boxes from being exposed to moisture over time, or they can  swell up, weaken,  and release formaldehyde gasses. Local kitchen cabinetmakers will use 'green' products and practices, contributing to the local economy. Most will work out a plan to make their products affordable to you, and their work will retain its value. Some lines of pre-fab cabinets can cost more than your local custom built cabinets, so it is wise to call a kitchen cabinet contractor, or two, before purchasing a kitchen which you may regret buying down the road.  

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