Colonial Furniture


Maine Colonial Furniture

Colonial furniture, made in Maine is among the Best In Class. With a rich history dating back to the 1600's, the tradition is still alive here in Maine. 

"Among the early colonists in New England there were a number of joiners, turners, cabinet-makers, and carvers, some of whom had undoubtedly learned their trades under the best English and Dutch masters and who were capable of reproducing the styles of the day in native woods. Many of them settled in and about Boston and worked at their trade during the last three quarters of the seventeenth century. In 1642 there were twenty joiners and over thirty turners in Boston. In 1690 the Handicrafts Guild of that city had registered more than sixty furniture makers and over forty upholsterers. Miss Singleton gives the names of about forty members of the craft who were at work in Boston between 1635 and 1700. She gives the names also of furniture makers in Salem, Charlestown, and Newbury, Massachusetts, and eight in Maine."  -Walter A. Dyer

Colonial furniture making is an inherent part of New England's rich woodworking history, in which Maine shares a large importance. There are still many woodworkers here in Maine reproducing Colonial Furniture, and Maine Furniture is proud to present them to you.